So what’s the difference between an MBA and a MSc in Business Administration??

From time to time, people ask me what is it that Im studying…?

The answer to that is an MBA, which is a Masters in Business Administration…a bit different from a Msc in Business Administration, which is also a Masters, but there are differences that are important to mention…

For starters, the most important difference is Experience…. MBA’s have a minimum of 2+ years of post undergraduate experience and something that is unique is simply the fact that not all MBA’s have a bachelor degree in Business…which a Msc requires…but this isn’t to say that Msc don’t have experience, it just means that likelyhood is that they just continued into their masters right after their bachelor…

so there you have it…ohh, and by the way…another difference is Salary after you finish the program…actually, that’s a huge difference…. 🙂

ok…I know there are other differences…but feel free to comment if you’d like 🙂

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like your blogg
any more comming?

Skrivet av l 2010-01-30 vid 04:49

I’m born in in Sweden but i have lived in USA Ca for 9years.Came *home* to Sweden in Feb 2009.I like your blog and Im now a *member*.

Skrivet av Carolyn 2010-01-21 vid 01:16

First, it’s nice to see a fellow American sharing his Swedish experiences online. I’ve read a couple of your posts and it’s funny how similar my reactions have been in similar situations (e.g. pizza salad).

But to comment on the differences between an MBA and MSc in business…you definitely are correct in saying that most MSc’s are more likely to be straight out of undergraduate. But anymore, you’ll see MBA programs accepting this as well. Especially since so many students are working almost full-time during their studies and have the 2 years experience. My final point is that I’ve seen that the MBA has become much more commonplace and actually isn’t much of a salary booster these days (of course, that depends on if it’s a Wharton MBA vs. a tier 3 school). But in general, an individuals overall work experience tends to dictate their ability to negotiate higher pay, not their degree.

Regardless, I wish you well in your studies and hope your international MBA gets you the higher pay 😉


Skrivet av Stainless 2010-01-14 vid 06:29
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