What’s a ”Sambo”???


I remember the first time I had a discussion about what a ”Sambo” really was and what it entailed, but to me, it just basically translated into ”life partner” that – can stick around for the ride, but doesn’t ultimately want to commit…just in case…

It is not a Fiance(e) or potential husband/wife.  It is someone that’s there without the proper title, and ”Sambo” can simple be the ”word” you fill in the blank to describe someone to your friends and family as the one with whom you don’t have marriage plans…but has all the ”benefits”…but is it endless???

I guess when some people hear the word ”Sambo”, they mostly think about ”Financial or Sex Partners”, and not so much about the word ”Love”….what do you think?

Maybe it’s because of old traditional values that have been programmed in some to believe, but I actually see so much wrong in just living with someone, sharing things, but yet not getting married…but I’ll tell you why…

When you are dating or with a ”Sambo”, society tells you that you are labeled ”TAKEN”, which means that you can no longer able to pursue other people (The same applies if you are married, of course).  When you are ”TAKEN” you forget to think about TIME.  Time is a factor that is not on anyone’s side, and if you are not in it for the LONG RUN, then you are letting time pass you and preventing yourself from other true potential opportunities.  Remember that we are only young once, and sooner or later, AGE will catch up on you and you will no longer be able to attract those you could have been able to attract, when you were ”TAKEN”.  The entire misconception relies on what you believe, that is, if you believe there is only 1 person for you or if you believe that many can fill that category and you are just part of the ocean…a ”Sambo” is just simply trying to play both fields and that is just plain wrong…

Although I must agree that marriage should not be seen as the last hurdle, but rather be something that both agree to want…

…In my mind, I think it depends on various factors…for example, I actually don’t think that I could possibly have children with someone I would call ”Sambo”, simply because I won’t have that sense reassurance that this person will always being there…but I guess marriage shouldn’t also be the thing that gives you a guarantee, especially in today’s world where people say that 50% of all marriages end in divorce anyway….

So what is a ”Sambo”? Is it a girlfriend or boyfriend that won’t commit or simply a nicer term to use so that other people won’t judge you for just having an endless boyfriend/girlfriend??? Is there a time period for being a ”Sambo”??? What if your partner doesn’t want to marry you??? Should you stay a permanent ”Sambo”???

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Hihi, what!! :O :O
Sambo is not just a sexpartner och finacialthing, its like a middle-thing.
Sam = togehter bo= live In english BOSAM – Live together.

Most people dont want to get married i sweden. Its just a peace of paper, it dosent mean that your love gets stronger.
I have been a sambo for 11 years ( im 28 )and I never want to get married, and I never want an other man. 🙂

I know that you posted this in 2009. 🙂 I just hope you have find a sambo. 😛

Skrivet av Elle 2010-10-04 vid 03:15

”…but when you grow up in a society where it can be an issue…” In Sweden it isn’t an issue to live together all your life without being married. Living together with friends I would call ”kombo”, something like cominated living (the end -bo means sort of who you’re living with – you can be a mambo = living with mom still). Or särbo, for that matter, separated living, still being a couple though.

Skrivet av Erika 2009-06-06 vid 05:03

    Hey =)

    thanks for teaching me new made up terms people use in Sweden…

    Skrivet av American in Sweden 2009-06-06 vid 12:00

Hahaha, whaat!? Why would it be weird not to get married? Marriage is just a statement, that you really don’t need, if you’re sure about your significant other.

Skrivet av MarySaintMary 2009-05-24 vid 11:23

    I agree, but when you grow up in a society where it can be an issue, then of course, things can stand out a bit when in a different place. For the most part, I think most guys really dont care, it’s just something we do to fit into society rules or better yet, a rule that a good number of women want to happen at the end…

    Skrivet av American in Sweden 2009-05-25 vid 12:00

Wouldn’t people think that’s weird???

Remember, this is Sweden 😛

But serously, its just a fancy word for bf/gf, for those who are just to lazy to get married.

Skrivet av obin 2009-04-07 vid 09:11

Sambo is the middle-thing between husband/wife and boyfriend/girlfriend. The very word means ”Sammanboende” = Living together. It is a boyfriend/girlfriend that has the same permanent home as you have. It is the first step towards marrige, but with less legal consequenses. Sambo definitly doesn’t mean fear of commitment, it is a way of ”trying life together” before getting married. And for some that is enough. They don’t need to confirm their love wiht marrige; being together is all that matters. =)

Skrivet av Guldpumps 2009-04-06 vid 12:10

    But the overall goal is to get married???
    That’s not what I heard, but if that’s what it is, then sure, I’m good with that, but what if you end up being a ”Sambo” your whole life??? Wouldn’t people think that’s weird???

    Skrivet av American in Sweden 2009-04-06 vid 12:00
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