Blue Monday at Ghost Hill

A blue sign that seems misplaced in summer, don´t you think so?

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Blooming Friday Krollilja

A couple of weeks ago I showed this flower when it was only buds. And I had no clue of what it was. Now I know.

This image is combined by two flowers. One red and one pink.

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Watery Wednesday – By bike to Dragsnäs

One of my photo field trips ends here at this lovely place. Dragsnäs at lake Viren in Sweden. Hope you enjoy your Watery Wednesday as I enjoyed mine.

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Blue Monday with a Sign

Was passing the railwaystation earlier today. It was raining but when I saw this sign I stopped and took a photo for Blue Monday.

I think this is a ”one of a kind” sign. Can´t remember seeing it before. It means that the street in front of the station can be used by everyone. Even kids playing. Maybe our host, Smiling Sally, can have her baseballteam playing here

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Blooming Friday o Golden Eye

Blooming Friday wild flowers

I paid a visit to the local flowershop and found some roses there.This one is called Golden Eye. It had been raining so there are waterdroplets on it. 

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Watery Wednesday 42 a Raft

For Watery Wednesday 42 I choose an image of a raft that I saw last week on a nearby lake. It is kind of nice. You can sit on a chair and have a coffe-break in the middle of the lake. Slowly moving by the stream or a small motor.

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Blue Monday with blue stripes

For Blue Monday this week I show this horse with  blue stripes to keep flies away. Sorry I don´t know the proper name for it.

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Blooming Friday in a ditch

This flower, that I found in a countryroad ditch, is unknown to me. I don´t know it´s name but thought it was so beautiful it was worthwhile showing it.

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Watery & Outdoor Wednesday Forest pool

Entering both

Watery Wednesday41 & Outdoor Wednesday24 with this image of an expanding forest pool. The raining has enlarged it.

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Watery Wednesday 40 Forest Ditch

Watery Wednesday 40

On my afternoon bikingtrip today I went on some forest roads that I never visited before. Suddenly I came to a bridge over a rather big ditch. There was a sign beside it. The sign said the ditch was dug in the 1930:s as they needed to lower the waterlevel for three lakes.  They wanted more farming land and that was one way of creating that.

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