Blue Monday June1 at Backa lake

My World Tuesday XXXIV

Visit Blue Monday June1:st for more blue mondays.

The blue is everywhere in this image. A lake in the middle of Sweden as it looks today. And this is my world.

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12 Responses to Blue Monday June1 at Backa lake

Beautiful depth of colours in this serene place!

Skrivet av Gemma 2009-06-08 vid 11:28 Svara

thanks for visiting. :)

Skrivet av NatureFootstep 2009-06-04 vid 12:34 Svara

Wow, what a beautiful spot. I would love to hang out there.

Skrivet av 2sweetnsaxy 2009-06-03 vid 11:57 Svara

One of your super beautiful Swedish lakes. I have fished for trout in one. Sweden is so beautiful, especially in the summertime.

Skrivet av Arija 2009-06-03 vid 02:51 Svara

Glömde ju länka!

Skrivet av Maria Berg 2009-06-03 vid 07:59 Svara

Blå, blå himle och hav och så den blå båten!

Skrivet av Maria Berg 2009-06-03 vid 07:58 Svara

:( itajeff was unable to open site,
:( susans site messed up

the rest. thanks for nice comments :)

Skrivet av NatureFootstep 2009-06-02 vid 01:14 Svara

Lovely! Blue is beautiful..
Happy Blue Monday

Lots of luv,

Skrivet av Itajeff 2009-06-02 vid 07:54 Svara

OH, what a lovely, peaceful scene. That lake is so pretty, and it’s the perfect image for Blue Monday! Thanks for sharing…

Happy Blue Monday!


Sheila :-)

Skrivet av Sheila 2009-06-01 vid 06:15 Svara

very beautiful! Happy Blue Monday ~ Susan

Skrivet av Susan 2009-06-01 vid 04:56 Svara

How serene. That is a very beautiful spot. Have a wonderful day.

Skrivet av Mary 2009-06-01 vid 04:27 Svara

What a serene looking spot. Happy Monday!

Skrivet av Pam 2009-06-01 vid 03:18 Svara


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