Blue Monday Magic dragonfly

Blue Monday hosted by Smiling Sally

How about a blue dragonfly?

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thank you for the nice comment

Skrivet av NatureFootstep 2009-05-27 vid 12:50 Svara

Very nice shot – I love the blue in the dragron fly.

Skrivet av Ivory Spring 2009-05-26 vid 09:10 Svara

Why not? They’re pretty darn cool! You’ve got a great shot there, my friend. I hope you have a great Blue Monday! ~ Robyn

Skrivet av Robyn 2009-05-26 vid 05:44 Svara


Skrivet av NatureFootstep 2009-05-25 vid 09:04 Svara

That is an amazing photograph. You’re a thinking photographer. Have a wonderful day.

Skrivet av Mary 2009-05-25 vid 05:19 Svara

Gorgeous! I love dragonflies!

Skrivet av Susan 2009-05-25 vid 04:52 Svara

Thanks for nice comments

Skrivet av NatureFootstep 2009-05-25 vid 04:20 Svara

Pretty dragonfly! Happy Blue Monday.


Skrivet av Sandi 2009-05-25 vid 03:56 Svara

I love dragonflies! I have aantique print of one that’s framed, a cute doormat, and some drinking glasses, so I love this post!

Happy Blue Monday…


Sheila :-)

Skrivet av Sheila 2009-05-25 vid 01:43 Svara

It simply sparkles! I really like the mirrored frame you used as well!

Skrivet av Marie 2009-05-25 vid 01:06 Svara

I don’t think I have ever seen one of these before! Utterly fascinating!

Skrivet av Gemma 2009-05-25 vid 10:18 Svara


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