Watery and Outdoors at Dragsnäs

A place I visited last sunday. Both watery and outdoors. Enjoy! Have a great wednesday.

Outdoor Wednesday

Watery Wednesday

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20 Responses to Watery and Outdoors at Dragsnäs

A wonderful place to visit and relax for awhile.. very nice.

Great shot !

Skrivet av Karen 2009-05-21 vid 03:26 Svara

What a beautiful place to relax. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

Skrivet av Kathy 2009-05-21 vid 04:36 Svara


Skrivet av NatureFootstep 2009-05-21 vid 01:06 Svara

Looks so calm and peaceful.Great post for WW.

Skrivet av amanda 2009-05-20 vid 07:47 Svara

What a beautiful serene place.

Skrivet av terriedj 2009-05-20 vid 04:18 Svara

have visited all of you. :)

Skrivet av NatureFootstep 2009-05-20 vid 04:00 Svara

Realy lovely view! Tranquil setting!

Skrivet av Gemma 2009-05-20 vid 02:30 Svara

beautiful view.

Skrivet av mymy 2009-05-20 vid 02:26 Svara

Beautiful place!!

Skrivet av Pat@Back Porch Musings 2009-05-20 vid 01:43 Svara

Looks like a wonderful place to take the family for a picnic.

Happy Wednesday!

Becky K.

Skrivet av Becky K. 2009-05-20 vid 11:58 Svara

thanks for nice comments :)

Skrivet av NatureFootstep 2009-05-20 vid 09:12 Svara

Lovely, I would love to spend an afternoon there!

Skrivet av Christi @ A Southern Life 2009-05-20 vid 04:10 Svara

This is a lovely photograph. I really lik the balance of the browns in it. And the burnt sienna of the reeds agains the water is just perfect isn’t it?

Skrivet av Cailin 2009-05-20 vid 04:02 Svara

What a beautiful spot. I hope you had a lovely day.

Skrivet av Mary 2009-05-20 vid 03:59 Svara

What a beautiful spot and what a beautiful photograph, happy outdoor Wednesday, Kathy.

Skrivet av Kathy 2009-05-20 vid 02:37 Svara

Oh I’m really loving the way you framed this image. How delightful to look at.

Skrivet av Ewok 2009-05-20 vid 02:17 Svara

What a great outdoor shot this is. Happy O.W. to you…

Skrivet av ellen b 2009-05-20 vid 02:10 Svara
Skrivet av J Bar 2009-05-20 vid 02:06 Svara

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday! Looks like a great spot for a picnic! Thanks for sharing your photo.~ Susan

Skrivet av Susan 2009-05-20 vid 01:16 Svara

That is a very lovely spot. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


Sheila :-)

Skrivet av Sheila 2009-05-20 vid 01:05 Svara


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