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Du Juan & Fei Fei Sun for H&M

So I love that H&M finally decides to go for two Chinese models. It is going very well for H&M in Mainland China and it was just a matter of time when H&M would let two of China’s hottest supermodels to be featured in their Christmas campaign. However the problem is that the Swedes are pissed. They have now sued H&M for putting on too thin models. Fei Fei and Du Juan’s BMI is around 15,5 (if you have a BMI under 18,5 you are considered underweight)

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Came home early from M1NT, because we have a tough day tomorrow! Going to have lunch at Xintiandi or somewhere around French Concession with my fellow interns, then later on preparations for my BIG party!!! Wooohoooo.

Ate lots of Aladdin chocolate pieces at the Lucia Party!!! So yummy, then I burnt the calories on the dancefloor at M1NT. And a blogreader said hi to me!!! ^_^ SHOPGIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh by the way, my dear colleague TH created a Shopgirl dance, it’s hilarious, wish I could show you!!!

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The goodiebags for my friends at my pre-dinner, they are heavy 😉

This bag dear, is for my guests.

My new kitchen (new tiles), going to have a small buffet for my friends at home.

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The Official Pictures

Shopgirl and the project manager of Madame Figaro
Cicci aka fromfrontrow

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Madame Figaro launch event

This fashion magazine had a party tonight at Park97, also known as Muse 3, which I had to attend in order to represent – an exclusive members-only social networking platform aimed for the stylish locals.

Free flow champagne, wine, cocktails – I don’t complain. Later on brownies, fruit platters, salmon canapés, mozarella with tomatoes were served for everyone.

Later on clothes from designers such as Martin Margiela, Junya Watanabe were shown by the models.

Met some cool people, especially one girl who called me when I forgot my camera there! Thank you, Barbie (that was her name).

Drinking Orange Juice, promise!

Those photos are from my camera, wait til the professionals ones are out. MUCH better than those amateurish ones, hehe..

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Welcome to my crib

Living in a pink fantasy world

You know what?

There’s nothing better than to enjoy life, which means enjoy good company, good food especially good desserts, and good environment. I experienced this at the Barbie Store tonight.

Thank god for good friends!

3 small pieces of cakes + 1 drink = 45 rmb

Totally affordable! You can choose from white chocolate mousse (my fav), tiny cute cupcakes, chocolate-dipped oreos, lemon tarts, chocolate-dipped marshmallows, etc. My tiramisu latte was pretty awesome, especially the creme on top with candy bites. Yum Yum!

Huaihai Middle Lu 550, near Chengdu Nan Lu, 5th floor

Afterwards, we went to Brick because Hof was all occupied (make sure to make a reservation for Weekend nights). You can buy a bottle of white wine for less than 100 rmb. It’s open until 2am.

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On Nanjing Xi Lu between Jingansi and Portmans.

They are looking for Talk girls! I need a job after NYE!!!!!

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Darin – Viva La Vida (the best cover right now)

By the way guys, what do you think of my blog banner?

Only 11 days left til my new blog launch, as a reader pointed out! 😉

Skinny tip: Leave the noodles 😛

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