The Chinese exchange students are giving China a bad name

If I had never in my life been in China, I would think:

– All Chinese people loves sneakers, in fact they ONLY wear sneakers, probably 7 years old ones as well.

– About 80% of Chinese people wear glasses

– No one ever parties (considering being in the metro with only party people from Lappis, the studentplace I live in,  at 2,3 am. I have not yet seen a Chinese person from Lappis)

–  99,99% don’t care what they wear, that’s why I see 7 years old sneakers, and probably equally old jeans and sweatshirts.

– From what I have heard, they make dishes that smell a lot.

But, in reality, I see so many trendy and hip girls in Shanghai ( I know Shanghai cannot represent the whole country…)

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First of all. Here’s my stereotype of ”Chinese-Swedish” people like our dear Shopgirl (I happen to know a lot of them): They love to use stereotypes to categorize people. Seriously, why do people love to use stereotypes? You say it yourself in one of the comments here ”Everybody is just different.”. Why do you post BS like this post then? And finally, at least these Chinese students don’t hurt anyone like a lot of the westerners in Asia. Please note that I’m not saying that all westerners are like that, I for one didn’t act like that when I was living in the ROC.

Skrivet av Eddie G 2008-11-20 vid 09:21 Svara

    I just made an example, not necessarily I think so of all the Chinese people, I like all the Chinese people here in Lappis that I have personally met.

    Skrivet av Shopgirl 2008-11-20 vid 12:00

I think I can not aggree with you,shopgirl!
especially with the monkey pictures!
Chinese people do have their own lifestyle, the ways that you think is not proper for others.

1.Someone who like sneakers might think the comfortable is the most important thing, because they are realistic.
2.Someone who wear glasses also gain the opportunity to study abroad! Because Chinese education is so competitive, only the outstanding one can study in foreign country! Others that do not have good performances tend to have more time and become fashionable! In Sweden, as a Chinese, I do really feel study works are much easy comparing with China!
3. You think party is interesting, and we do not! we have our own ways to communicate that you do not understand!
4. Yes, some Chinese student is not fashionable, in some aspect please look the point 2, in other aspect, they are foreigners, they can not bring enough fashion clothes to a foreign country, and also because China is not as rich as Sweden!
5. About cooking, I really agree with Sessie
”You might be right there, but theyre also always friendly, always smiling and sometimes sharing their smelly (but very tasty) lunch with their lazy swedish classmate that didnt bring any. ”
Did you try to be that kind of lazy girl that sharing a lot and do not contribute?

Last the most important thing is Chinese people do respect others, we do not judge a book before only reading its book face!

Skrivet av sbsayingsth 2008-11-11 vid 05:56 Svara

    Me neither, I just told you what I saw from outside because it’s real, but I never said anything about what’s inside the shell.

    Skrivet av Shopgirl 2008-11-11 vid 12:00

    hey, It wasn’t my intention to throw shit on those ppl. Everybody is different and prioritize things, nothing wrong with it.

    Skrivet av Shopgirl 2008-11-11 vid 12:00

You might be right there, but theyre also always friendly, always smiling and sometimes sharing their smelly (but very tasty) lunch with their lazy swedish classmate that didnt bring any.

Skrivet av Sessie 2008-11-10 vid 04:51 Svara

is that a photo of your boyfriend ?

Skrivet av Anonym 2008-11-10 vid 12:05 Svara

    haha yup

    Skrivet av Shopgirl 2008-11-10 vid 12:00

Time tells everything, as I said it 2 or 3 years ago in shanghaiexpat~~~~~~~~~~~~

Skrivet av Nathalie25 2008-11-10 vid 04:19 Svara

Another thing, this whole notion of labeling and squeezing people into your western notions of trendy and cool is condescending. They’re being themselves. Stop trying to put them into your little frame of a world. Ha. I’m sure some stupid jackass is going to come up with some lame reason to counter attack me, I don’t care, dude.

The difference between culture is what makes you think the way you think. I was talking to some Chinese phd. student and his Chinese professor about them often ending up talking to each other at social gatherings; it’s mostly due to the difference of culture. Sometimes different cultures just don’t have that common point (e.g. say talking about American football). Also, a bit context: this student and professor are in sociology, where there isn’t that many Asians relative to say engineering.

Plus, a lot of Chinese students come from conservative families (China is still a very conservative in many ways. These students are probably conservatives back home too.) See my previous post. The wild-partying types don’t make the grades so they can’t become exchange students in the first place.

So all that added together may make the ”westerner wild party goers” think them as nerds. Which is justified somewhat from their cultural perspectives.

Skrivet av ChaosNowhere 2008-11-09 vid 11:23 Svara

This is something I’ve discussed with friends, and my conclusion on this is: Most (although this could be a generalization) Chinese students went through some very tough competitions to get to where they’re at, so this in turn makes some of them into real nerds (by nerd I mean the typical images of a nerd, bookish, glasses, don’t care about looks, etc.)

Whereas the trendy, punk, hip-hopers, hippie types in China are didn’t go with the study route, too much competition, so that’s why you don’t see much of them here.

On the other hand, I used to known some phd. girl that is I say *gasp* much more ‘trendier’ than ms. Shopgirl! (Hey, she’s rich). She was just amazing. However, I still felt that she was still stuck in some stupid hello kitty mindset at times. HAHA. Fuck, I said that out loud.

Me? I just don’t give a fuck. I think being ”trendy” for the sake of being trendy is retarded. I don’t care about what I wear. It’s ridiculous. And materialistic. I have better things to do. Ha, call me a nerd then. They’re just labels. *yawn*

Skrivet av ChaosNowhere 2008-11-09 vid 11:11 Svara

    haha I’m definitely not rich.
    I think clothes are part of one person’s personality. If you forced me to wear sneakers and some old checked pattern dress over a simple white tshirt before I was meeting a friend for shopping, I would just feel so weird, i would feel like a totally different person who isn’t comfortable with what I’m wearing… and I’m sure that’s how many people would feel if they wore some of the clothes I wear everyday. Everybody is just different.

    Skrivet av Shopgirl 2008-11-09 vid 12:00

shopgirl is the future

Skrivet av Anonym 2008-11-09 vid 09:34 Svara


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