Pizza with 2 inches of topping

Ah, this is what I like. I made it last year and never thought of posting pictures of it before. What we got here is a fantastic pizza with 2 inches of topping. I used three kinds of cheese (around 400g in total), 400g ham, 200g salami, 700g pineapple, 200g shrimp, spices, tomato paste and 200g of button mushroom.

Click picture for higher resolution.

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454 g = one pound

Skrivet av namn 2009-07-06 vid 11:43 Svara

There is 28 grams in a ounce!!!

Skrivet av renslip24 2009-06-27 vid 06:15 Svara

what the fug is a gram? I’m in America here-thanks Mr stroke victim.

Skrivet av what tha fug 2009-06-27 vid 04:23 Svara


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